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Wags & Walks Houston
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Placing Homes Program

Don't waste your time on craigslist and the Houston Chronicle, sign up for the Placing Homes Program!!!

The Placing Homes Program was created after one of the employees here at Wags & Walks Houston brought an article to our attention. In the article, the news about Craigslist was shocking. "People are selling their pets to people they trust and getting their pet sold to a research company for cosmetics. In return the people are getting $100.00-1000.00 depending on the size of the pet and what kind it is." Wags & Walks Houston is now dedicated to putting a stop to this as much as we can.

What exactly is The Placing Homes Program?
The Placing Homes Program gives you the option to re-home/adopt yourself or let us do all the work to find your pet a great home or to find your family the perfect home.

How much is it and what am I getting for my money?
To find a home for your pet we charge a small fee of only $5.00 per pet per week. This includes your name in our database for quick lookup when they are asking about a specific pet we might have. Also a home evaluation for the prospective owners as well as the guarentee that we are dedicated to find your pet the best home. If you are looking for a pet, we charge $20.00 per week. For that you will get your name in our Wanted Clientel Database which will contain all the specific traits you want in a pet. We will do a quick but strict home evalutation that will last at most ten minutes. We will find you the perfect pet in no time!

Why is it more for you to find me a pet?
Finding the perfect pet for a family is a lot harder than placing a pet in a wonderful home. Most people want a certain breed, weight, sex, and traits and will take longer and more research to find. When we are looking for a home for a pet we do just as much research but it is easier to find it home.

What if you dont find my pet or a home for my pet in a week?
We offer the guarentee to complete your service in one week. If for some reason we cannot find you a pet or your pet a home you have the option to just pay the $5.00/$20.00 or to continue your business with us. After the first week we lower the cost .50.



Wags & Walks Houston is dedicated to finding you a perfect pet. We try our best to fit the best pet for a certain family but pets are unpredictable. We are not responsible for any possible injuries or deaths that could occur due to a uncontrollable animal.

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